Building Minds of Leaders:

Is an initiative that engages the youth in Civic and Social Entrepreneur.  Working with socially and economically disadvantage inner city African American youth males with Social skills, Life Skills, Conflict Resolutions and Career Development through music and mathematics.

The Building Minds of Leaders program is a Saturday Music academy for youth 8 -18 years of age living in the Metro New Orleans area. The program has successfully impacted 200 youth over the past five years who have participated and been trained in the area of Traditional Jazz Music and have been rewarded by performing on the Kids Stage at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival since 2007 and performances at the Satchmo Festival. The youth spend an hour and a half with professional local musician and another hour with a mentor addressing:

  • Small Business Development
  • Technical Assistance
  • Management & Finance


Music of All Ages:

In 2005 after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the BMOL restarted a program that was started by Legendary Jazz Musician Danny Barker who started the Fairview Baptist Brass Band.  Mr. Barker took a lot of heat from older Musicians that were concerned that these younger musicians would take their gigs.  But being the visionary he was Mr. Baker, knew that through attrition that if the younger musician were not trained this great music that made New Orleans famous would not continue.  The BMOL added a spoke to the wheel and organized the Young New Orleans Traditional Jazz Brass Band. This program provides both boys and girls ages 8-18 years of age to sit side by side and learn from famous musician like Dr. Michael White, Greg Stafford, Benny Jones, Dr. John and Sunpie Barnes to name a few.  This program provides these young students with every aspect of Traditional Jazz Music, Business and Music Education.

The Young New Orleans Traditional Jazz Band begin touring in 2006 throughout the State of Louisiana, Jackson, Ms., Atlanta, Ga., Mobile, Al., Houston, Tx., Dallas, Tx., and New York City at Carnegie Hall sharing Traditional Jazz Music with young and old.

The BMOL has reached over 5,000 youth both male and female through mentoring them about their culture, history, worth and the contributions that African Americans have contributed to the City of New Orleans and the United States.
The BMOL has continued to provide services to the expatriates and ambassadors of New Orleans Culture, Cuisine and Music by providing the following:

  • Career Development and Training
  • Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Social Skills (Anger Management, Conflict Resolution and Life Skills)

The two programs are Saturday programs that are on open on a first come first serve basis.  Over that past ten years the program has had an impact in changing the lives of over 500 inner city youth who have attended college and continued their training in music or Professional Sciences.  The Young New Orleans Traditional Jazz Brass Band has a standing date at the New Orleans Jazz In Heritage Festival Kid Stage, Satchmo Festival and participation in the Annual Living Culture Black Men of Labor Parade.


Creative Industry Lab

Is a career academy in educating and teaching inner city youth about the industry that drive New Orleans Economy.  From Hollywood South, to Bio-Medical, to Hospitality and Professional Sciences these are where the jobs are and where the BMOL looks to train and offer Job training and job placement to youth.



The BMOL provides a preventive Health and Wellness Fair twice a years working to fight the diseases that affect the African American Community and educate on the disparity of health, the economy and those living below poverty who are the women and men who provide the services for our booming hospitality and tourist industry.


Intro To Business

The BMOL in 2005 with the help of the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Fund now Foundation of Louisiana, SBA and Casey Foundation work with local area business in providing Financial Literacy, Finance, Business Organization,  Business Management, Bonding and Business Match Making.  Through a Joint-Venture with ReSource One, LLC a private locate business corporation with Federal Contracts through FEMA, USAE, DOD and GSA offer to assist the business through the program partnering through Mentor Protégé’ and Joint-Venture.  Clients were award an estimated $10,000,000.00 in contract and created over 700 jobs with a beginning pay of $25.00 an hour.



The BMOL provides workforce development training and job readiness tailored to their clients’ needs through their strategic plan that promotes effective leadership, training and career programming that strengthen life skills and trade skills that can provide long term employment.




Choice Neighborhood Initiative New Orleans (Iberville / TREME’)

The BMOL was contract to lead the Community Engagement for the Housing Authority of New Orleans and the City of New Orleans


Main Street/ Broad Whole Foods

The BMOL provided Workforce Development and Job Readiness to residents interested in the opportunity of short term construction or long term employment with Whole Foods


Joan Mitchell Foundation/ Joan Mitchell Center

The BMOL provide Job Readiness Training and Workforce Development to area residents looking for employment in addition to being the Liaison between the Joan Mitchell Foundation and Center with City officials and the Community.


Arts Council Arts Market

The BMOL provides Supportive Services to the Arts Council of New Orleans Arts Market