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Black Men of Labor

Fred J. Johnson, Jr., Benny Jones, Sr., and Gregory Stafford founded the Black Men of Labor, Inc in 1993. Their purpose was to create an organization that would reaffirm and pay tribute to the contributions of African American men in the work place while promoting and preserving Traditional Jazz Music.

The group organized their first parade in 1994, as a way to honor and pay respect to the Legendary Jazz Musician Danny Barker. The organization has evolved since it’s creation in 1993 and is now a designated IRS 501 (c) 3 non-profit and a U.S. Department of Treasury Community Development Enterprise.

Twenty-two years ago, the Black Men of Labor (BMOL) successfully planted roots in the heart of TREME’ the birth place of Jazz and the heart beat of the city at the TREME Music Hall.  The TREME’ is one of the oldest registered historic African American communities in the country.  Nowhere in the city was there a community where the spirit and soul was so powerful and the concentration of talent so great that the poorest people created the riches things.

The 6th and 7th Wards was a mixture of African American owned businesses, family neighborhood for 5 generations, home to the Mahalia Jackson Center of Performance Arts, Armstrong Park, Congo Square, the Municipal Auditorium and 5 blocks from the economics of the downtown development district and a block away from the French Quarter. The BMOL established a pipeline of  comprehensive programs tailored to meet the needs of the people of the community.

By collaborating with the community, businesses, churches, school and stake holders offers a holistic approach in insuring every voice is heard and given respect. This will help the community in building sustainability and a quality of life one neighborhood at a time.

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